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Saturday, 11 November 2017

New Featured Artist on YTA ~ Casey McQuillen

Casey McQuillen is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2014 Casey was a top 48 contestant on Season 13 of American Idol.

Casey uses her American Idol experience to help get a message across to young fans.

Her message to them is simple. They are not alone. She uses her experiences of being bullied to strengthen this message. She also shares her stories about her struggles with anxiety, her desire to fit in, self-confidence issues, being lonely and falling in and out of love.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

New Featured Artist on YTA ~ Brianna Jesme

The Featured Artist on YouTube Artists today is Brianna Jesme. Brianna is a singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist and violinist, she was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Her first upload on YouTube was seven years ago and was a cover of Paramore - The Only Exception.

In her younger years, before she started uploading to YouTube, she performed throughout South Florida with a local violin group called Pizzazz. She has also performed the National Anthem at numerous events.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Haley Graves shares her Top 5 Songwriting Tips

Armed with cough drops and a cup of tea, YouTuber Haley Graves explains in her own simple words what she would describe as her top 5 songwriting tips (all whilst getting over a cold).

Starting with the ultimate basic tip of purchasing a journal type book. Haley flicks through her book, showing her method of putting pen to paper and thoughts into permanent ideas.